Personal approach

Our main strength lies in the fact that we are a small and personal association. The AYOP-team know all the members and maintain close contact. Keeping up to speed with the companies and organisations in this way enables us to quickly bring members into contact with each other and facilitate cooperation and business. We also have regular contacts with local government bodies in order to advocate for the interests of the offshore sector in the region.

Download the Annual Overview below with our activities in 2021 and the Annual Plan 2022.


  • Promoting the region
    One of our goals is to promote the region as an ideal location for companies from both the Netherlands and abroad. Construction of the Hollandse Kust Noord and Zuid wind farms off the coast of IJmuiden is making the region increasingly attractive to companies and employees. In addition, the association helps members find innovative business opportunities in the offshore sector. This includes organising an introductory meeting for our members with Vattenfall, which will be building the Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farm.
  • Exchanging knowledge
    We also stimulate alliances and knowledge exchange between members via activities such as regular Members-Meet-Members meetings and company visits. In the current pandemic we have replaced physical meetings with, once every two weeks, online AYOP Business Calls for members. During these calls we get to know companies, address current events and sometimes have experts address the latest developments in offshore. We also offer members the opportunity to present their companies to the offshore sector in a vlog.The engagement levels and cooperation among our members is well above average,
    something which benefits all companies.
  • Joint trade show participation and attendance
    By jointly taking part in (international) trade shows and exhibitions, all members, regardless of size, have the opportunity to present their company. In addition to significant financial synergies, we organise everything related to the exhibition participation from start to finish, supporting members with their preparations.Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports also organises joint visits to international trade shows with
    similar (cost) benefits.
  • Network access
    Membership gives our members access to a regional network of government bodies, educational institutes and offshore companies. AYOP serves the interests of its members and the regional offshore sector in general. We also act as a spokesperson to local governments on urgent and relevant issues that they and the sector face.


We create sustainable economic growth and employment for members by ensuring our network functions as an ecosystem. This is achieved by:

  • Stimulating cooperation, synergy and trade among members;
  • Collecting, sharing and developing knowledge;
  • Attracting and acquiring new members/companies to the region so that both the area and the association grow strategically;
  • Facilitating alignment with partners and regional educational institutes to ensure suitable personnel;
  • Highlighting the Noordzeekanaal area as the offshore energy region in the Netherlands.


Creating an optimal business climate by connecting players from the golden triangle of business, government and research/education institutes.

Collective member promotion via events, supply chain meetings, company visits, trade shows, seminars and missions as well as brochures, publications, presentations, social media and this website.
Strong positioning of the North Sea Canal region in order to attract companies, employees, students and investors to the area and further strengthen the ecosystem.
Advocacy and lobbying for the members among regional governments, the province of North Holland, and the national government, the latter via trade associations.
Establishing partnerships with (regional) governments, national & regional organisations and organisations bordering the North Sea.