Z-Bridge is a company that is specialized in the design, fabrication and operation of Offshore Access Systems. Z-Bridge is based in IJmuiden harbour, from where they provide 24/7 project support to their clients operation.

The company has several Offshore Access solution. The first is a modular Walk-to-Work system that has a unique Gimbal system to eliminate movements of the vessel being introduced to the mast. This reduces the telescope movement, and providing safe transfer conditions in the most severe weather conditions. Het system provides continues access by means of an elevator.

Z-Bridge also developed a lightweight Offshore Access System, called Bring-to-Work. This system is designed to optimize offshore maintenance operations. With this system cargo and technicians are transferred directly with an elevator from the vessels deck to Offshore structure. The benefit of this system is that it can also be used on smaller vessels, reducing cost significantly. The Bring-to-Work system can also be used as a 3D crane lifting up to 3 ton.

Both systems are fully motion compensated and certified by Burau Veritas.