KOOLE Contractors has joined the AYOP network. Based in Vijfhuizen, this international industrial and maritime services provider is specialised in demolition, remediation, wreck removal and maritime construction.

Established in 1988, KOOLE was originally focused on demolition in the industrial sector. The company has enjoyed constant growth over the past decade, allowing it to enter into new disciplines, increase its service portfolio and expand internationally. In addition, KOOLE intensified its maritime services via the takeover of Mammoet Salvage. The maritime portfolio now consists of international wreck removals and salvage operations based on a range of dedicated and floating facilities.

Besides its maritime activities, KOOLE operates in the industrial (removing industrial objects or making lots in the chemical, energy, metal and petrochemical industry construction-ready), construction (building quay walls, mooring docks and shore protection) and the environmental sector (removal of substances on land or in the water that are harmful to people and/or the environment).