In the AYOP Business Call of 30 March we announced a new plan for AYOP. A platform for interns and trainees to enable our members to jointly attract and develop scarce talent for our sector. We would like to receive your input on this via a brief survey.

The idea is a response to signals from the market about a lack of well-trained staff as well as our shared ambition to establish a booming service industry related to offshore wind in the North Sea Canal region. The latter can only be realised if sufficient, well-educated personnel are available.

We are considering a platform that brings together supply and demand from interns and new graduates (intermediate and higher vocational level). In addition, we want to provide new graduates (trainees) with a programme in which they follow a six-month project with three AYOP members, gaining (paid) work experience and guidance. After this carrousel members can choose whether to offer the trainees a permanent position. Our plan is to start the programme in September 2021 if there is sufficient support and demand.

To develop our plan further, we request your input to map out the current demand. The brief survey (3 minutes max) aims to provide insight into whether this labour market aspect is actually an issue for AYOP members and, if so, what their needs would be in the coming years.

After the survey we may get in touch to refine our plan further – if this is desirable and applicable, of course.

You can start the survey by clicking the link below. If these questions are best answered by an HR colleague, please forward this mail to them.

Klik hier voor de link naar de survey.

Thank you for your contribution!