Published in Decommissioning on 05/02/17 by Yolanda Los

Decommissioning of oil & gas platforms are potentially a huge market. From interviews and research we see that more and more platforms are being decommissioned. The circumstances in the market are complex and the processes are delicate. The sea itself has many commercial uses, and as a consequence, other niches emerge like removal of redundant telecoms cables, wind turbines as well as wreck removal.

Within Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports a steering group is active on the subject of decommissioning. Decom@work as it’s called, are specialist companies working together to secure the careful process in the complete late life and decommissioning part of the life cycle, including sustainable and responsible logistics, re-use and processing.

With this meeting we shared our knowledge and experience. The presentations given by the speakers can be found on our website

Robrecht Bakker, SIG Decom@work, "Update on development"
Andrea Gismitta, One Peterson, "Experience in decommissioning"
Anne Mette Jorgenson, Eco-Effective, The circulair side of decommissioning"