Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports

Published in Oil- and gas on 01/11/16 by Rob Schoemaker

The North Sea Canal area (Noordzee Kanaal Gebied) is the offshore region in the Netherlands. Situated between the seaports of IJmuiden and Amsterdam, it is home to an ambitious group of companies active in offshore wind, oil & gas, decommissioning and the conversion of platforms and vessels. This knowledge and professionalism, expertise and experience is brought together in Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports.


Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports is an offshore networking organisation with over 75 members, including companies, government agencies (provincial and local), and educational institutes. This close cooperation puts the Noordzeekanaalgebied offshore industry on the map and explores niches in the offshore sector. Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports promotes, organises, educates, strengthens and initiates in order to protect the interests of its members, stimulate employment and prepare the next generation for a sustainable future.

Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports has the answer to all your offshore requirements!