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With wind farms going further offshore, Seafox TLQ has developed a number of solutions to cope with the demands of the initial construction period and the subsequent operations & maintenance    

Answering this demand for modern and comfortable temporary living quarters (TLQ) Seafox has become the first company in the world to build its TLQ to the stringent demands of the Norwegian offshore market. Alongside the new Nordic TLQ, Seafox provides its ever-popular Standard TLQ for a flexible cost-efficient option. And our Light TLQ, which is ISO-sized.

Whether choosing a Nordic, Standard or Light TLQ, Seafox has paid a great deal of attention to the designs, ensuring that offshore wind technicians can work efficiently and comfortably. The units are readily available at short notice and competitively priced.

TLQ Nordic – NORSOK /DNV 2.7-2

The Seafox TLQ Nordic units are suitable for worldwide use and for the harsh environments of the North Sea and the Baltic. They have been classified DNV 2.7-2, DNV 2.7-1 and they are built to NORSOK.

All aspects of offshore welfare have been considered, as the company recognizes that having all the comforts of home enhances performance and productivity while technicians are carrying out their daily duties offshore. The units are equally suitable for platforms, jack-ups or offshore vessels

- Suited for Zone 2, units are ATEX 95, ex- proof and A60
- Designed as a 2-cabin, 4-person unit, they are very roomy measuring 10.2 x 3.3 x 3.3 m
- Two, spacious single beds 90 x 210 cm in each cabin 
- Scandinavian design
- linkable and stackable four high
- LED light, HVAC and sprinkler, smoke and gas detection
- designed to limit noise
- each bedroom has LED TV, Internet, USB, LED lights and headphone jacks
- blackout curtains
- adaptable lichting, network and coaxial points
- every occupant has own desk, drawer unit, nightstand and individual locker
- separate wet cell in each cabin with underfloor heating
- Internal linkable

Standard TLQ

The Standard TLQ answers the need for modern, flexible, cost-efficient offshore accommodation. These are built to comply with North Sea regulations and are suitable for worldwide use. Classed by Lloyd’s and to DNV 2.7-1, the TLQ Standard is a reliable, proven concept that has been deployed in some of the most hostile environments for many years:

- at 6.3-m in length, the units have a relatively small footprint and only weigh eight metric tons
- ample space for four pob in two cabins
- equipped with all the modern day comforts, wall-mounted TV, internet
- Plug& Play easy to hook up to any offshore installation
- Wet-cell with shower, toilet

Light TLQ

This container-sized TLQ weighs just 6.5 metric tons providing the ultimate flexibility at minimal cost:

- classed by Lloyd’s and to DNV 2.7-1
- ample space for four occupants
- 20-feet ISO unit


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