RNR Project Maintenance Services

With over 10 years of experience, RNR Projects Maintenance Services is a reliable partner for complete mechanical solutions. We provide inspection, service and maintenance for cranes and heavy mechanical & construction jobs. Our location on the water in Zaandam, the oldest industrial area of Holland, gives us the possibility to build large constructions and transport them over water. Furthermore, it is possible for vessels, pontoons or floating cranes to moor on our dock.

RNR PMS is a true service-minded company. Our no-nonsense approach and highly trained team members means customers are taken seriously and can rest assured that all their needs are looked after. Each of our technicians is aware of the fact that, in most cases, the systems on which they work have to be up and running again as fast as possible. 
We produce machine parts in our dedicated machine shop. We also overhaul gears, hydraulic cylinders and complete machines in our workshop as needed. Our plasma-cutting table enables us to cut steel and stainless steel in any shape you need.
We have a construction workshop suitable for many types of elements, from simple construction parts to machine skids, crane parts and everything in between. We are also NEN 1090 certified. 
RNR PMS can deliver parts and spare parts for almost all kinds of cranes and installations. If parts cannot be delivered, we can usually produce them ourselves or in combination with our related companies.
Our service department is available 24/7 in case of breakdowns and we have eight fully equipped service vans, ready to go. We also can help you with the daily and standard maintenance of cranes or other installations.
In addition to all of this, we provide consultancy services as well. If you would like to increase your crane capacity or need lifetime calculations, we can help.



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