Oodit Platform

Who is Oodit? Oodit develops integral risk management and inspection software that helps organizations to manage opportunities and risks to realize their strategy.   

Grip on risks with our risk management platform. With our advanced software, you create a higher sense of risk awareness across all levels in your organization. Discover correlations and take strategic, tactical and operational decision based on real time insights. Every user of Oodit can share knowledge of risks, and attributes to spotting and tackling possible threats. This increases involvement of employees, and with it the resilience of your organization. 

-       Web-based (SaaS)

-       Monitoring of prevention

-       User specific roles and access rights 

-       Workflow to follow actions and measures through time, content and frequency

-       Flexible look and feel (house style)

-       Incl. knowledge base with several preset templates for several branches
        (ICM – Cyber, Labor conditions, Nautical, Metal, Production). 


1.     Define the current and desired situation

We define a clear dot on the horizon and the required steps to get there.

2.      Oodit platform configuration and preparing the organization

We configure the platform. Where necessary, we support implementation workshops and offer advice on the optimal direction for the risk management of your organization

3.     Long-term security

By anchoring in all departments and a link to the strategy, the Oodit platform becomes the lifeline of the organization. In the end, we all want to improve the business continuity while increasing safety. 

Category name

Members, Offshore wind, Decommissioning, Oil- and gas


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