Offshore Cable Equipment

With the start of Offshore Cable Equipment, DSF will be building offshore power-cable equipment directly in its own factory – for rent, lease or purchase There is abundant experience within the DSF Group, and a proven track record of developing and building offshore renewable and oil & gas related equipment. We deliver directly from our own steel factories and the assembly is performed by our own mechanics; that way we are able to serve our customers in a cost-efficient manner and realize short construction times.

DSF is unique in the construction of modular Turntables up to 7,200 tons. These machines are available for rent, lease or purchase through Offshore Cable Equipment. In consultation with our customers, we can supply them in any desired size and tonnage. The machines can be entirely disassembled and transported in 40-ft containers through container transport by vessel or trucks. The result? Fast and economical transport to any desired location in the world.

All machines meet CE certification and DNV/GL norm calculations. The Turntables are electrically driven, preventing oil pollution, no heavy hoses and noise reduction. Furthermore, Offshore Cable Equipment has tensioners, loading towers, power quadrants, chutes, cable highways etc. to offer. Of course, all of our machinery meets the highest demands of the industry. Our Turntables can be straightforwardly adapted to fit any tonnage. This results in lower steel requirements and fewer empty machines, in return reducing costs and environmental impact.

Offshore Cable Equipment and partners offering complete solutions for cable manufacturers worldwide. For contractors, we have fast-response lay equipment spreads available for short- and long term rental.

Our partners have access to storage facilities in various harbours and provide worldwide transport and cable-handling services. As a result of this cooperation, we are able to offer reliable and successful performances in all these segments.

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