Ocequip / Offshore Cable Equipment is a one-stop equipment supplier for all your power cable projects. Because Ocequip is delivering directly from its own stock or factory, our clients can access the source. Assembly is performed by our own mechanics; enabling to serve our customers in a cost-efficient manner and realize short construction times. Our customers have come to rely on our expertise and solutions-oriented capability.

Our philosophy is: Why would you pay for what you don’t use?

For example, our drive motors are plug and play device’s and only required when turning a basket so why pay for them when the basket doesn’t need to turn for a couple of weeks or months. Ocequip has years of experience and a proven track record in developing and building offshore renewable and oil and gas related equipment. Our factory has delivered machines to all major contractors and cable manufacturers worldwide. We offer professional advice in selecting the right equipment for your project at any facility. In addition, we can assist in setting up a complete lay and or repair spread on any barge or vessel. We’ll make sure that all equipment is delivered to your location, on time. We are unique in the construction of modular Turntables up to 7,200 tons. Building modular also means cost-efficient and less production time, for example, a 2000T / 4000T configuration will take 12 weeks building time. The machines can be entirely disassembled and transported in 40-ft containers by vessel or trucks so no expensive transport vessels to bring or return the turntable. Container liners will transfer the turntables worldwide cost efficient. In addition to the turntables that are in stock, we can construct systems in various other sizes to suit each specific job. In consultation with the client, a machine can be rented from Ocequip for any length of time. If you need a turntable for permanent use, the machine can also be purchased. As different parts are interchangeable, the Ocequip turntables can easily be adjusted in size, allowing us to work efficiently and sustainably. Due to the effective sizes of our turntables, they will fit on affordable cargo vessels. Furthermore, Ocequip can offer: Tensioners, Loading Towers, Power Quadrants, Chutes, Cable highways and all Auxiliary Equipment including Barges.

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