Loodswezen, regio Amsterdam-IJmond

NEDERLANDS LOODSWEZEN. We ensure that ships to and from the ports are safely piloted.  

With 64 registered pilots in total, we help around 14,000 ships to enter and leave the ports of IJmuiden, Beverwijk, Zaandam and Amsterdam. In addition to tankers, bulkcarriers and RoRo-vessels we also pilot gigantic cruise ships through the Sealocks at IJmuiden and via the Northsea Canal towards their berth. We do this 24/7 under all weatherconditions and our company has been doing so since the days of the ‘Pilots’ Guild’ from the early seventeenth century.  We provide well-trained and professional registered pilots, boarding the vessel and offering the captain nautical support in manoeuvring his ship safely  into and out of our ports.

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Kanaaldijk 242
1975 AJ IJmuiden

t +31 255 564545