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At Knowledge Concepts we believe that the key-enabler for any organization is sharing and re-using knowledge. This strategy enables organizations to learn and constantly improve their products and services at lower costs. We help them by getting the needed information to the right person so that actions and decisions can be executed first time right.

Customers from a variety of sectors and industries have experienced the benefits of our solutions in the last 22 years. To help you get things done first time right, we mix and match our software solutions on an array of devices (tablets, glasses, etc.) so you have the information you need to do the best possible job.

For instance, engineers and mechanics in the workspace want to have the correct information now to, for example restart a production line. They want to collaborate remotely with their colleagues when the need arises, and they learn “just in time”. Inspections are being done, supported by fully automated workflows, so they can focus on the quality of the inspection. The “hassles” like reports are generated “on the fly” and sent automatically. Downtimes are reduced while at the same time reducing the need to send expert technicians on site. Happier end-customers against lower cost.

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