Innovation is one of the important factors of cost reduction in future development

New research shows the strengths and potential for cost reduction for companies in the Amsterdam-IJmuiden Offshore region, especially on innovation in logistics and operation & maintenance.

The innovation report shows that due to track-record, experience and geographical location Amsterdam-IJmuiden has great potential for innovation in Smart Logistics and Smart Maintenance.

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Innovation report

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Based on this results we are organising round tables for a concrete follow up with companies in the offshore business. Smart Maintenance focuses on just in time 100% Predictive Maintenance based on process industry experience. Smart Logistics will focus on the potential of Logistics Simulation.

If you are interested in the round tables and want to be kept informed please let us know through this link. 

This research was commissioned by gemeente Velsen, gemeente Beverwijk, Port of Amsterdam and Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports to have an analyses of the key strengths and potential contribution to innovation in offshore wind.


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