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A 'share of a wind farm at sea’ as goodie bag at WindDay 2022

In an innovative move by the Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports (AYOP) network association, all 500 participants at WindDay 2022 received ‘a share of a wind farm at sea’ instead of the traditional goodie bag.

The initiative involved AYOP investing €10,000 in a wind farm at sea via sustainable investment firm Meewind. AYOP director Sylvia Boer presented the cheque for the full amount to Jurjen Algra, commercial director of Meewind during the event on Thursday 16 June. WindDay 2022 is the corporate networking event for the wind energy sector in the Netherlands, organised in the Felison Cruise Terminal in IJmuiden.

Setting an example

Sylvia Boer sees the association’s initiative as being in line with the theme of the day: “This event is all about the energy transition. All 500 participants are busy on a daily basis with seeking ways to achieve the climate goals via clean wind energy. In this framework, a goodie bag – which is often thrown out when people get home – is really ‘not done’.” Boer hopes that the investment in green power will set an example. “Hopefully more will follow!”

Civilian participation could contribute significantly

Commercial director Jurjen Algra of Meewind is pleased with the cheque: “Giving everyone a piece of wind is a splendid idea!” Meewind finds it especially interesting that the initiative places the spotlight on private investments in sustainable energy. “I believe that civilian participation could make a significant contribution to the sector. It would also make people feel more involved in wind energy and enable individuals to share in the millions of euros that will be earned in wind at sea in the coming years.”

Keynote speech by Minister Rob Jetten

The cheque was presented during WindDay, an annual event for all who wish to contribute to a sustainable society and are involved in wind energy projects, on land and at sea. This year’s edition revolved around the theme ‘High winds blow on high hills’ and was hosted by Dutch presenter Harm Edens. One of the keynote speeches was held by Dutch Climate and Energy Minister Rob Jetten, who explored the ambitions of the Netherlands in terms of the climate and sustainable energy. AYOP co-organised the event together with the Netherlands WindEnergy Association (NWEA).

Photocredits: Richelle van der Valk