AYOP recently welcomed its 100th member when grid operator at sea TenneT joined the association. TenneT will be responsible in the coming years for installing the infrastructure to bring thousands of Megawatts of offshore wind energy to shore and contributing to the energy transition. The company will realise the infrastructure for many new offshore projects, including Hollandse Kust (North) (West Alpha) and (West Beta) off the IJmond coast. “AYOP is highly relevant to us as a knowledge network,” says TenneT stakeholder manager Manon Raats.

TenneT is tasked with installing an electricity grid at sea to ensure that the offshore wind farms can be connected to the onshore grid. The company will provide transport and system services and facilitating the energy market.

The grid operator designs, builds, maintains and runs the high voltage grid in the Netherlands and large parts of Germany, playing a key role in the energy transition. With some 23,500 kilometres of high voltage connections on land and at sea and nearly 5,000 employees, TenneT provides the daily power supply for over 42 million people.

Grid at Sea
Until 2023 the ‘Grid at Sea’ will be connecting three future wind regions off the Dutch coast to the high voltage grid. In addition to Hollandse Kust (North), this involves Hollandse Kust (South) and Borssele. Hollandse Kust (West), IJmuiden Ver and Ten Noorden van de Wadden will be connected to the grid between 2024 and 2030. Together these wind farms will have a capacity of 7,000 Megawatt.

The wind farms which are being built off the IJmond coast (Hollandse Kust (North) (West Alpha) (West Beta)) each have a capacity of 700 Megawatt. They will generate sufficient energy to power 2.1 million Dutch households a year. All this power is transported by the Grid at Sea and enters the national grid via the high voltage plant along the A9 motorway.

Knowledge network
“Offshore wind energy is a new and upcoming industry and a major pillar of the energy transition in the Netherlands,” says Manon Raats. “This is why we will ensure that the generated green power comes ashore in a proper and efficient way and made available to households and companies. The connection to the region in which we will be working daily with our sub-contractors over the next six years is of vital importance to TenneT. And this is why we have chosen to join AYOP where we can get to know each other and share valuable knowledge and experience.”

Sylvia Boer, AYOP director: “TenneT is playing a major role in the energy transition which we represent as a sector. It is the literal connection between wind at sea and Dutch households. A player like TenneT is essential to our association as it forms the crucial link in the offshore wind chain. We are obviously delighted that the company has decided to join.”

More information on energy projects
If you are interested in following the realisation of the energy transition and would like to receive up-to-date information on the various activities, download the free TenneT BouwApp in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Or register to receive automatic updates in your mailbox https://www.netopzee.eu/hollandsekustnoord/overige-pagina-s/nieuwsbrieven/aanmelden