Skoon Energy has joined the Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports association. Established by Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst and Daan Geldermans in 2017 when they were maritime technology students, the company is specialised in supplying clean mobile energy with a focus on increasing the sustainability of the shipping industry. “We look forward to strengthening our partnerships with the offshore energy sector,” says Peter Paul. “It is the ideal industry for rolling out clean energy solutions on a large scale. Joining forces and sharing expertise will enable us to expand our positive impact far beyond the offshore energy sector.”

Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst sees strong growth in opportunities to increase the sustainability of the energy supply on and around vessels. “This is necessary, too, seeing the scale at which people are still using fossil fuels. These fuels have had their day and our goal is to accelerate the energy transition via large-scale electrification.” To achieve this, the mobile batteries in the Skoon network have been standardised and are easily exchangeable to ensure an optimal solution can always be implemented. The mobile batteries and hydrogen generators can also be used for other applications. By bringing markets together Skoon is making clean energy more affordable.

In the shipping sector, Skoon Energy is contributing to concepts for all-electric propulsion with its Skoonbox. This exchangeable battery pack the size of one TEU can also generate clean energy by capturing the peaks in the output of wind turbines and solar panels, storing this power in the Skoonbox or similar solutions, and making it available to various applications, including shipping. The Skoonbox has an energy volume of 600 kilowatt hours and is aimed at accelerating the upscaling of the market.

To make mobile assets for clean energy available, Skoon Energy required a central platform to manage the charging, logistical and monitoring processes. The company now provides batteries as a digital platform for mobile sustainable energy under the name Skoon Sharing. Owners of batteries that have been charged with 100% green power can share that energy via an easy-to-book process, while Skoon automates time-consuming processes such as the transport and charging of the battery with green residual power.

Peter Paul: “In essence we are a software company that manages the online infrastructure which supports a network of mobile clean energy solutions. The focus of our team is on making our software platform user-friendly and valuable to owners of clean energy storage equipment and energy users. Our overarching goal is to make clean energy affordable, reliable and simple.”

Skoon Energy currently employs 15 people and has won various awards such as the Energy Innovation Funding Award and the Rotterdam Ketelbinkie incentive prize.

Click here to see Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst explain Skoon’s activities further.