Schouten Olie recently joined AYOP. The company from Alphen aan den Rijn is a supplier of sustainable fuels for the transport and shipping industry (among others), lubricants, and a specialist in the field of energy issues. The business is actively striving for an energy-efficient future, making it a good partner for companies with similar ambitions. Schouten Olie has extensive knowledge of international market developments and offers the kind of custom solutions you’d expect from a family-run concern.

The use of sustainable bio-fuels has an essential role to play in accelerating the energy transition. HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is a pure, high-quality diesel that complies with specification EN15940 for paraffinic diesel fuel. This means regular diesel engines can use HVO without any vehicle adjustments being required.

“We help our relations carry out their activities in a sustainable way,” says director Leen Schouten Jr. “The energy transition has fully begun and, as you can clearly see in our product portfolio, we are therefore focused on the reduction of CO2 emissions, NOx, soot and particulate matter. Our experts are also constantly working on cleaner products that contribute to fuel savings, CO2 reductions and fossil-free transport. All our fuels comply with international quality standards and requirements for existing and new engines.”

The most sustainable diesel fuel at this time, HVO, does not include any petroleum, for instance. In addition, Schouten Olie and its partners developed TRAXX Diesel and is also involved in developments with the use of hydrogen – another important step in increased sustainability. “By increasing the sustainability of our products and processes, and in partnership with our business relations, we aim to have a positive impact for the people and communities we serve,” continues Schouten Jr: “Sustainability can only be achieved together, step by step.”

The origins of the company date back to 1935. As the third and youngest son in a shipping family, Leen Schouten missed out: his father only owned two boats which went to his two older brothers. Instead, he started a small business in trading oil and petrol in 1935. Now, 85 years later, it has developed into a leading business in the trade of fuels and lubricants, with his grandsons/the third generation at the helm. The fourth generation has started working in the company as well, and is ready to take over when the time is right.

Sylvia Boer, director of AYOP: “Featuring all the assets of a family business, Schouten Olie is all about actively contributing to progress and sustainability. The potential collaboration with other AYOP members will surely benefit these developments and help increase the eco-friendliness of our sector.”