New AYOP member EMR Metal Recycling recycles cans, aircraft carriers, drilling rigs and much more besides

EMR Metal Recycling has recently joined AYOP. The company partners with the global maritime & offshore, automotive and construction & demolition sectors, the metalworking industry and government agencies to convert discarded materials into valuable raw materials. “EMR is keen to play an active role in finding solutions to global environmental challenges,” says managing director Tjeerd Jager. “We do this in a wide range of ways, from lobbying governments to using our broad knowledge and expertise to make a positive contribution to the climate issue.”

From 10 million tonnes to 200 sustainable raw materials

EMR recycles more than 10 million tonnes of metal and plastic every year – from soft drink cans to aircraft carriers and complete rigs. With branches in the Netherlands, UK, Germany and US, the company recycles materials at the EMR Amsterdam and EMR Rotterdam port terminals into more than 200 new sustainable raw materials, which are then sold worldwide.

Transportation and overall logistics are therefore a key part of EMR’s business operations. The company has deployed the first fully electric truck on the Amsterdam-IJmuiden route and, together with Schavemaker Transport and Tata Steel, found an emission-free, sustainable solution for transporting recycled metal in the area surrounding ​​the EMR yard in Amsterdam.  Tjeerd: “We strive for the highest possible percentage of reuse and recycling, and are looking to make a significant contribution to the lowest percentage of waste per tonne of product produced, and achieve the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per tonne (tCO2e/Tonne) of material produced. The electric truck also helps with these goals.”

Maritime and offshore sector

EMR recycles projects of all sizes, from small tugboats and offshore supply vessels to the largest commercial and military ships in the world. It has the capacity to break up, clean, dismantle and recycle more than 300,000 tonnes of ships and vessels a year.  “As a leader in sustainable materials it is vital to constantly innovate and seek out sectors in which you were not previously active,” adds Tjeerd. “We can be a good partner to the maritime and offshore sector, providing major players with complete peace of mind as well as a comprehensive range of services. That is why membership of AYOP is a valuable addition for EMR, giving us opportunities for networking in the wider Amsterdam and IJmond region.”

“At a time when the reuse of materials has moved from being a vision of the future to a reality and a necessity, we are delighted to welcome EMR as a partner in this field for our members,” comments AYOP director Dionne Ruurda. “Working together on sustainable solutions is exactly what our association stands for.”