Deeply rooted in the Netherlands, new AYOP member Boskalis has over 100 years of experience in hydraulic engineering, coastal protection and land reclamation. Although the company’s core activity has always been dredging, Boskalis also offers a wide range of maritime services to the offshore energy sector. This includes development, construction, transport, installation, inspection, repair & maintenance (IRM) and the decommissioning of oil and LNG import/export facilities, offshore platforms, pipelines & cables, and offshore wind farms.

Boskalis has been active in the Noorzeekanaal region for some time, including in the development of the Marker Wadden islands, land reclamation for the Amsterdam IJburg district and the new sea locks in IJmuiden, where the access channel is currently being dredged. The company is also active in various civil engineering projects in the region, and is a specialist in the transport of colossal objects over seas and oceans using its fleet of powerful sea tugs and semi-submersible transport vessels, such as the Boskalis Vanguard, the world’s largest semi-submersible heavy transport ship. These types of vessels are also used to install offshore platforms.

Energy Port
Approximately half of Boskalis’ activities involve projects in the offshore industry. “That is why we are so interested in the new Energy Port, which will act as the operational base for the wind farms at sea,” says Johan van der Vorm, project director. “The potential is huge and we have joined AYOP to reinforce these developments. Together we can make this region a hub for a wide variety of offshore activities.”

Renewable market
Boskalis’ Offshore Energy division is focused on the traditional oil & gas industry and, increasingly, on the renewables market. The company is involved in nearly every aspect of the installation of offshore wind farms, including installing and connecting export and array cables with special cable-laying vessels and burial tools, repairing offshore cables, and transporting, installing and protecting foundations for wind farms at sea. In addition to the transport and installation of platform parts, decommissioning is a rapidly growing activity for Boskalis.

Sylvia Boer, director of AYOP: “With its wide range of services for the offshore industry, Boskalis is a strong addition to the offshore energy ecosystem in the North Sea Canal region. We previously lacked a large-scale, internationally active wet contractor in our network and are delighted that Boskalis will now be helping us develop our hub even further.”