Safety training on boats, with a helicopter in a pool, on a helideck, fighting fires and on a wind turbine…

FMTC recently became an AYOP member. The company is specialised in high-quality safety training, including offshore (OPITO & NOGEPA), wind (GWO), maritime (STCW) and industrial training. “By joining AYOP we are looking to strengthen our contacts with the sector and with companies for which we train employees,” says Michel Hogervorst, Managing Director of FMTC. “This way we can put safety in the spotlight and continue to address market demands in this specialised training area.”

FMTC is a safety training centre for offshore, wind, maritime and industrial training. Under the watchful eye of certified FMTC instructors, participants attend theoretical classes and join practical exercises to ensure they are fully aware of safety on the work floor for high-risk professions. Students also learn how to act in case of calamities to limit injuries and keep damage to a minimum.

The training courses take place on realistic objects recognisable to people from the sector involved. This includes the use of fast rescue boats and lifeboats, and pool training on how to survive at sea or escape from a helicopter which has crashed into the water. The company has various climbing walls for training in rescues and activities at great heights, and burning objects, buildings and ships are used to teach how best to extinguish various types of fires. Participants are also trained to perform first aid on dummies, from bandaging victims to suturing wounds.

FMTC has training centres at the most suitable places around the world, including a facility at Schiphol airport which is very easy to reach for international and regional participants. In IJmuiden the company has a training hub that provides a wide range of methods, including with fast vessels and lifeboats. Other FMTC facilities in the Netherlands are located in Dordrecht and Lage Zwaluwe and mainly offer in-company training or training on board vessels. International facilities include Houma (USA) and recently opened centres in Dunkirk (France) and Ras Tanura (Saudi Arabia).