SEW Energy has joined the AYOP network. The specialist in EPIC (Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Construction) projects in the energy sector has extensive experience in the offshore world. “Our sector is developing rapidly and the energy transition is high on everyone’s agenda,” says managing director Pascal Kool. “SEW Energy has a lot of knowledge and expertise in our region and I am sure we can work together with other AYOP members in this transition. The diversity of the association and the network sessions it organises can strengthen this collaboration and help preserve employment and expertise in the region. We look forward to playing an active role in this process.”

SEW (Stainless Equipment Works) was established in 1996 as a designer, manufacturer and installer of equipment and constructions for the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. From its home base in Broek op Langedijk, the company has become a renowned producer of specialist and transport equipment for various sectors, including oil & gas, delivering both as prefab and building on the platforms themselves.

The strength of SEW Energy lies in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining pipelines, constructions, equipment, drums, tanks and E&I installations, both onshore and off. Its portfolio ranges from:

  • engineering
  • pipeline activities
  • construction
  • instrumentation
  • electrotechnical activities
  • manufacturing of process skids and drums
  • offshore transport skids
  • pipelines/instrumentation and electrical systems
  • small and large construction projects
  • and the installation of system and parts on and offshore

In addition, the company is specialised in welding, turn-arounds, adapting on and offshore installations, and E&I for new and existing on and offshore installations, maintenance and inspections.

SEW Energy has a wealth of experience in offshore. This includes supervising the mechanical aspects of the exchange of a 36” pipeline seal for a major player in oil & gas, and developing the pipelines for a large Dutch construction yard which were then assembled on the platform and jacket at the yard. SEW Energy performs its work both onshore and offshore.

“AYOP’s strength lies in the diversity of its members,” says AYOP director Sylvia Boer. “SEW Energy is a fine addition to the chain as a company with technicians who work to keep things running smoothly offshore on a daily basis. From engineering to welding activities and from installing pipelines to electrotechnical projects. Welcome aboard!”