EAGLE-ACCESS BV, located in IJmuiden, has joined the Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports association. Established in 2016, the relatively new company develops and builds the EAGLE, a fully electrically powered access system for transferring people and goods in the offshore sector. “Joining AYOP will enable us to become part of an active network association and we look forward to meeting the other members,” says Marco Klitsie, general manager. “With the EAGLE becoming commercially available, we have reached a new stage for our company which means we can actively contribute to the association.”

Founders Marco Klitsie and Willem Prins have been involved in the development, design and engineering of offshore access systems since 2006. They have been involved with various systems currently in use that formed the basis for the EAGLE-ACCESS concept. In accordance with the latest requirements regarding safety, ergonomics, flexibility, efficiency and the environment, and developed for the safe and comfortable transfer of people and goods from vessels to offshore platforms, the EAGLE is fully electric (max. 75 KW) and can be used on smaller DP2 vessels. Because the access system can be placed on the stern, it creates a working area of 270 degrees, ensuring that the vessel always has an optimal heading.

The standard EAGLE can reach platforms from water level to 24 metres in height. No platform adjustments are needed as the cabin or goods are landed over the railing. A large horizontal reach of 27 metres allows the vessel to maintain a safe distance, while one tonne of goods can be transferred in winds of up to 24 m/s. With no hoist lines applied, the load remains stable under the motion compensated tip. Once lowered, the goods can be disconnected remotely by the operator.

“Current hydraulic Walk-to-Work systems with these options are too large and too heavy,” explains Klitsie. “This makes them prohibitively expensive and they usually require specially trained operators too. The EAGLE is a cheaper, more efficient and greener solution that offers similar or better quality and safety. It means that large, heavy systems are no longer necessary to reach the required height of the offshore platform, nor are lifts or rolling trolleys required onboard to move or transfer cargo. Even in more severe weather conditions, it is the vessel that determines the limits, not the EAGLE. The EAGLE is a real gamechanger.”

Watch a video of the successful sea trial of the EAGLE-ACCESS system at the Ørsted Horns rev 2 Danish offshore wind farm here. These sea trials were supported by the Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) programme.