CBOX Containers becomes 125th member of AYOP

As the milestone 125th member of Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports (AYOP), CBOX Containers will have the honour of opening the association’s pavilion at the Offshore Energy exhibition in RAI Amsterdam with a standholders breakfast on 28 November. CBOX Containers leases and sells new and pre-owned containers suitable for storage, transport and accommodation, ranging from sea containers to offshore DNV containers. “Having seen the effectiveness of the synergies within AYOP while working for a previous employer, it was a logical choice to make CBOX a member too,” says the company’s director of business development, Frank ter Haak. “We believe strongly in the power of cooperation within the offshore sector, and see AYOP as the perfect platform from which to contribute to the energy transition.”

“Although we are pleased with our growth as an organisation, this is not a goal in itself,” comments AYOP director Dionne Ruurda. “The main factor is that each new member serves as a valuable addition to the association as a whole, strengthening the overall chain. It is vital that we maintain the sense of cohesion among members who cooperate with each other and share knowledge. This is the only way we can effectively face the huge challenges presented by the energy transition. The many years of experience that CBOX Containers has in the sector and the expertise it can share with other members offers major added value to AYOP.”

Offshore containers

An increasing number of offshore containers are being used in offshore energy sector applications such as oil & gas exploration and wind farms, a figure that will obviously grow further as new wind farms are installed at sea. Offshore containers are specifically designed to withstand extreme conditions: they are much more robust than ordinary sea containers and very resilient.  Also known as Cargo Carrying Units (CCUs), they are used to transport and store heavy offshore materials including spare parts, equipment, pipelines, tubing, chains and hooks used for welding activities on the sea bed. They are also required for the transport and storage of big bags containing, for example, grout – the material used to anchor wind turbines on the sea bed when farms are constructed at sea.

Frank ter Haak: “Safety always comes first in offshore. This is why our containers comply with the DNV 2.7-1 / ISO 10855 offshore standard drawn up in accordance with the Norwegian Det Norske Veritas (DNV) classification bureau for the energy, maritime, oil and gas industries. This standardisation guarantees and ensures the consistency, robustness and safety of the containers, which is essential in this business.”

The fleet of CBOX Containers consists of various sizes and models, including custom modification options. In addition to offshore DNV containers the company also leases and sells sea and storage containers, refrigerated containers, cabin containers and environmental containers.  CBOX Containers is situated in Amsterdam and has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney and Antwerp.