Caterer Newrest recently signed the membership of Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports. The caterer has a strong experience in Remote Site catering and facility management worldwide, In the Netherlands mainly active in catering for airplanes, they want to expand their services to the Offshore sector.

Newrest is a specialist in out-of-home catering present in 58 countries, and the only player active in all catering and related hospitality segments, including Inflight, buy on board, duty free, Catering and Remote site, Rail, Retail and support services. The company has above 35,000 employees worldwide. The Newrest Remote Site Management, which includes the offshore catering activities, employs almost 5,400 people. Together they provide over 145,000 meals a day.

Their expertise in the Inflight Catering Industry able them to be very strict in terms of quality and security process. Today, they can deploy catering contracts for the Port area and catering services to the Offshore actors by implementing a quick and efficient supply chain management.

Paul Schvartz, General Manager- Netherlands, Belgium: “Through this membership we are looking forward expanding our network and activities in the Noordzeekanaal region by proposing our expertise and services to the actors of this industry.”

Sylvia Boer, directeur AYOP: “It’s great to welcome a company like Newrest, with their strong offshore track record in South America and Africa, to our network.”

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