The summer holidays are almost upon us. Are you taking the first steps abroad again this year or will you have a staycation in the Netherlands? Many of us will enjoy a short break or spend the summer in our back gardens, while others will continue at the office. No matter your plans, like last year we’ve composed an AYOP summer reading selection of interesting information on our sector.

Den Helder Airport To70 report
An impact study on helicopters and vessels for the offshore wind service industry, this report is the direct result of the repositioning of the offshore airport. Den Helder Airport expects the report to serve as the first building block as the offshore energy community plans the current and future transport of passengers and cargo. One of the conclusions is that sharing assets and services will benefit the offshore supply chain and reduce its costs and ecological footprint.
Source: Den Helder Airport
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Port sketch: Northern Dutch ports as future energy hub for Northwest Europe
The three northern Dutch ports – Groningen Seaports, Port of Den Helder and Port of Amsterdam – can develop into a major energy hub in Northwest Europe over the coming decade. This is the conclusion of a ‘port sketch’ study into the role of these locations in the energy transition released by New Energy Coalition in cooperation with University Groningen and TNO. The study shows how close cooperation can lead to significant synergy benefits with cost savings for the Dutch energy system of up to €300 million a year.
Source: New Energy Coalition
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A 2030 Vision for European Offshore Wind Ports
Ports are central to the development of the offshore wind sector. To realise the expansion envisaged in the EU strategy for renewable energy at sea, the European ports should grow and add new infrastructure. In a new report, WindEurope estimates this will require around €6.5 billion in investments in port infrastructure by 2030. In addition, the European Commission should develop a port strategy and recognise the social and ecological value of ports.
Source: Wind Europe
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Energy Outlook 2021
Although 2020 was a challenging year for conventional energy sectors such as oil & gas and mining, there were plenty of new and innovative developments in green energy. The extra complications caused by COVID mean companies have to think outside the box and reinvent themselves. This also translates into attracting and keeping staff. The Energy Outlook Report 2021 identifies and illustrates recent changes and the ways in which companies adjust to face these challenges. It is based on data from over 22,000 employees in the energy sector, people looking for work, recruiters and businesses.
Source: Brunel
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The Lector Platform Energy Supply in Balance (LEVE) highlights the main topics related to our energy system in the future in six whitepapers and shows that energy issues extend beyond technology alone.
Source: Topsector Energie
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We wish you a wonderful summer!