Are you active in offshore wind or studying for a technical career in the sector? Are you passionate about wind at sea and would like to be an ambassador for accelerating the energy transition with a positive approach?

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Lilian de Geus, Olympic wind surfer and Wavemaker, and Muhammet Bilgic of Wavemakers tell you all about it in this video. Wavemakers United is a driven community of over 100 Olympian watersport professionals, ocean race sailors, students from intermediate vocational schools to the PhD level, and young professionals in the water, maritime and energy sectors. This unique combination of top sports, business and enthusiastic students is creating a growing source of inspiration via high-profile events and partnerships. And the combination isn’t random; everyone involved is passionate about and linked to water and energy in their own way, and all see how important these aspects are to us, to you and to the world in general.


The Wavemakers have developed a short training course with videos to give everyone a basic knowledge of water and energy and have an impact together. After the training various events and projects will bring you into contact with a wide range of people, from CEOs to elementary school students. Your enthusiasm can help convince others to contribute to clean, sufficient & safe water and sustainable energy in a positive, educational way.

AYOP and Dutch Wavemakers are joining forces to inspire people of all ages to think about solutions to the climate challenges facing our planet. There is a growing shortage of hands and minds to fill vacancies in the future and the Wavemakers are creating awareness for water and energy, inspiring youngsters making career choices to go for a study or job in the sector.

  • Jointly develop online lessons about energy and wind at sea intended for young students worldwide. We have a growing network of partner universities, ranging from the UAE in the Middle East to South Africa and China.
  • The Wavemakers give inspiring guest lessons to elementary and secondary students about the energy transition together with the DOB Academy, KNAG and NIBI.
  • We organise water and energy labs during  wind-related events in the Amsterdam-IJmuiden region, the rest of the country, and sometimes abroad. If you enjoy being part of these labs, you can earn up to €75 a day.
  • We create online campaigns with Wavemakers and influencers about energy and water which are distributed via YouTube, social media and offline media.
  • You can join and make an impact as a Wavemaker from just one hour a week!
  • You will be trained to be a Wavemaker via an online course together with 20 other young professionals and students from the Amsterdam-IJmuiden region;
  • In early June 2022 we will hold an afternoon and briefing for all Wavemakers from your group;
  • The official launch will take place on 16 June during WindDay 2022, after which your group of 20 offshore wind ambassadors will come into contact with each other, the Wavemakers and AYOP!
  • And here it all starts. With guidance from the Wavemakers and AYOP, and inspiration from meetings with the highest diplomats, innovative companies and scientists, you will have a wealth of ideas and tools with which to get to work!

What we ask of you 

  • Enthusiasm for the water and/or offshore wind sector;
  • A study in the field of technology or a job in this sector (as a young professional);
  • Completing the basic course ‘The Future is Water’ (8 online lessons);
  • Participating in at least one Water & Energy Lab a year (=1 day);
  • Joining one of our Wavemaker committees or coming up with a concept for a project you’d like to realise – this can range from transferring knowledge via e-learning, helping to organise an event or helping to write or make one of our awareness campaigns.

“I’ve been active as a Wavemaker for a year after becoming interested in the multi-use of offshore wind farms to also grow seaweed, mussels and other ecosystem engineers.  I learned a lot in my studies and desk research, but I wanted to have more contact with others who were as enthusiastic about this combination of water life and energy. I found this with Wavemakers United – initially as part of the SDG14 committee, in which we wrote a youth manifesto to help the national coordinator of SDG14 achieve his ‘life underwater’ development goal. We presented the result during the COVID period and later organised panel discussions via a virtual reality platform, in which everyone had an avatar with which they could join the discussion. Participants included fishermen, aquaculture teachers, reporters and lots of students. We have since developed various other projects and I have gained lots of great new contacts and learning moments. I am now a little less active as a Wavemaker because I started working for a seaweed company in addition to my studies. But, whenever I have time, I love going to an event or helping where possible!”


Register via wavemakersunited.com/join/ stating AYOP as your motivation.

Team AYOP – Sylvia de Boer
Team Wavemakers United – Karin Witkam