Van Gool Hef- en Hijstechniek

Since 1984, Van Gool is specialized in the field of lifting, hoisting, fall protection and climbing materials.

In addition to supplier/lessor, Van Gool is a sparring partner for safe loading, (vertical) movement of loads and for testing and inspection of lifting and hoisting materials. Van Gool is ISO 9001 and VCA (DNV) certified, a member of the metal union and a recognized EKH inspection company. With the exception of the specialized test laboratories, Van Gool is, as far as is known, the world’s first lifting and hoisting equipment company with a calibration capacity of up to 350 tons that tests load measuring equipment for tensile and compression forces. If an instrument is not calibrated, it cannot provide a true and accurate measurement of the load. This is essential for safety. Van Gool values ​​top class and safety standards in the sectors they serve.

With various (mobile) test facilities, Van Gool serves its customers 24/7 on- & off-site and on- & offshore.