Point B

Point b BV is a consulting company, and started in 2009 after the liquidation of a subsea contractor where I worked. This event made a profound impression on me and highlighted a flaw in our day to day business: Nothing is personal. But when nothing is personal, what are we all about? Taking you to a next step in growth, or simply from point a to b is what we do. The development of your business is where we are trusted best. Point b has a proven track record within the offshore energy sector, from expanding harbors and airports to install new international divisions. For the last 6 years our focus has been on the energy transition, assisting our clients setting a new course for carbon neutral operations. We have no website, limited social media exposure, and no other irrelevant distractions for you. For 10 years word of mouth advertising of our loyal network has been the main cornerstone of our business.

Key words:
Service: Business development / Interim management
Values: Passionate personal involvement
Mission: Your growth from a to b
Culture: subservient leadership

Other engagements: Chair of the North Sea Heliports Alliance (NSHA). A membership organization consisting of the 6 largest European airports surrounding the North Sea, transferring a million dedicated offshore passengers every year.