Pentacon Engineering


Pentacon is a mechanical engineering firm founded (2000) in Haarlem tailored for both mono and multi-disciplinary engineering projects.

Pentacon Engineering is a stable and trusted partner towards its clients, a partner with excellent knowledge and a professional, yet open service attitude. We support our clients by thinking along and daring to look beyond the standard solution meanwhile applying knowledge gained across a broad spectrum of industries.

To offer the right solution, we believe in long-term relationships with our clients, so that we know each other’s business well and synergies arise. Our clients can expect from us that the knowledge and experience of all engineers is up-to-date.

They can also can expect from us to have the capacity to adequately empathize with the problems. Delivering innovative and high quality engineering solutions is our trade mark.

We are convinced that the success of a project comes from collaboration, whereby each party and person contributes his or her expertise.

Offshore Engineering
As a mechanical engineering firm we work for several clients with an extensive track record in the offshore. We focus primarily on the mechanical engineering side of things in the development of machines or offshore equipment.

The machines that we design are used to support primary processes. Examples include support tools for the installation of wind farms, loading and unloading systems for pipe-laying ships, dredging activities and off shore hoisting solutions.

Pentacon is also active in the luxury yacht building sector in partnership with various shipyards. Our contribution is focused on optimizing the integration of technical spaces, such as engine rooms, rooms for climate control management, ventilation systems, etc.

This optimization is done by calculating the capacities and performance of components selected by us, while assuring minimal impact on the high-end nautical design.

We also design yacht equipment, such as gangways, hoisting systems & platforms.