Since its establishment in November 2004, Otos LMR Systems has developed into a dynamic company specialised in mobile communication tools.

We deal in walkie-talkies and mobile radios as well as the network in which these products operate. Ports are an important market to us, with the Amsterdam port being especially close to our hearts. In return, many Amsterdam businesses have trusted Otos with fulfilling their communication needs over the years in which we provide products and related services, maintenance and repairs, largely under our own management.

Our clients are active in a wide array of disciplines, and include liquid bulk terminals, agri bulk, dry bulk and recycling, logistics centres and food-related businesses. Walkie-talkies/mobile radios are and will remain a medium that enables contact with a single press of the button, even if other systems fail to work due, for example, to congestion. They offer a fast, low-cost and efficient solution for many users in the port. A weekly visit by the sales department and a service team that is available 24/7 ensures we are regulars in the port; something we very much enjoy.

While Kenwood and Motorola are our main brands, we also deal in other products such as Icom and Peiker. ATEX is a major market to us, allowing us to stay ahead of the competition. We believe that we should match our service to the quality of our sales efforts as there is more to mobile communication that product price alone.

Otos has excellent references in the port and offers the type of no-nonsense service that suits the region and industry; now and in the future.