NorthCmedia is a fullservice media company, and have been specialized in making filming productions for the oil and gas, offshore (wind) and maritime industries for 14 years. NorthCmedia is a specialist in capturing companies and brands in a way that creates an impact and puts them in the spotlights. From short 3D-animations and trailers to long-term projects and company promotion videos, social media items and drone movies. NorthCmedia does not only produce it, but offers specific solutions and is pro-active in imagining creative ideas to breathe life into the philosophy of companies. The team of professionals are flexible workers, efficient and cost-conscious. NorthCmedia has a lot of experience with working on complex locations and situations. Through specializing in offshore energy and the maritime industry, the NorthCmedia team is familiar with the safety precautions and certificates. As a creative company, NorthCmedia has the goal and the knowledge to help companies become or continue staying visible online. Within the objectives of her clients, NorthCmedia unburdens as the one-stop creative shop, helping to put companies on the map in creative and visual ways.