Koole Contractors

KOOLE Contractors is an international industrial and maritime service-and solution provider, specialised in industrial demolition, remediation, wreck removal and maritime construction. As one of the leading industrial contractors in the Netherlands and Belgium, KOOLE operates on a global scale.

Maritime wreck removals and salvage operations form an important division within KOOLE Contractors. While our specialist and floating equipment are the base of our international operations, it is the people who make the difference. KMS has an extensive track record of various projects in the maritime sector.

Our maritime-related construction activities include quay walls, jetties and shoreline protection. KOOLE has completed a range of construction projects in Africa and Europe.

Using our expertise in the removal of industrial installations and making terrains build-ready, KOOLE is a leader in the chemical, energy, metals and petrochemical industries. Each challenge is solved with a fitting, sometimes innovative, solution.

KOOLE has a team available 24/7 for the removal of substances that pose a risk to humans and the environment. We also use our specialised equipment to prevent pollution in the first place, both on water and on land.