EAGLE-ACCESS BV has developed the EAGLE for the safe and comfortable transfer of people and cargo from a vessel to an offshore platform.

This development is based on the current requirements with regard to safety, ergonomics, environment, flexibility and efficiency. The EAGLE is fully electric (max. 75 KW) which can also be placed on smaller DP2 vessels and realizes a high workability. The EAGLE can be placed at the stern of the vessel, creating a 270-degree working area providing an optimised heading for the vessel, increasing workability and comfort.

The EAGLE can reach platforms from water level up to 24 meters in height, no adjustments to the platforms are necessary, the cabin or goods land over the railing. The vessel can have a safe distance due to the large horizontal range of 27 meters. The transfer of 1 ton cargo can be done up to 24 m/s wind. Because no lifting wire is used, the load remains stable under the motion compensated tip. After landing the cargo this can be disconnected remotely, which is safer and more efficient.

The electrical control provides that the system can be controlled very directly and accurately by the vessels qualified crane operator, additionally trained at the EAGLE-ACCESS Academy.