Dutch Marine Energy (Centre)

Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC) is an accelerator and knowledge centre for offshore renewable energy solutions. Our mission is to advance the development, deployment & operation of innovative offshore renewable energy solutions to promote a sustainable energy future for all.

Multipurpose energy solutions

As a non-profit organisation, they advance innovation, support market development and further policies for offshore renewable energy development. With this integrated approach, they create multipurpose energy solutions including marine energy, offshore storage and nature-positive designs for a wide variety of use cases.

DMEC works closely together with key corporate offshore renewable energy players and advise on the uptake of offshore renewable sources to create sustainable growth. By combining our technical and financial expertise and models on offshore renewable energy technologies with the industry insights, they are the go-to partner for developing offshore renewable energy solutions that fit specific market needs.

In their accelerator, they lead and partner in international innovation projects, covering the entire trajectory from concept to commercial deployment of offshore renewable energy solutions. DMEC provide project management, technical, financial and market support for a wide variety of national and international offshore renewable energy innovations.