Royal Dirkzwager is a specialist in the maritime and offshore business. We offer real-time visibility of all vessels that affect your daily operations. 24/7 we share, as the eyes and ears of the shipping world, our knowledge and expertise with our customers. Our fully equipped Maritime Control Room offers various monitoring, reporting and detection services. We report, monitor and detect all incoming and outgoing vessel traffic in and around the port and waterways, at sea and in the vicinity of offshore assets.

The primary aim of our ROAM service is to ensure safety of personnel (on platforms), continuity of production (oil & gas platforms and wind & tidal farms) and prevent damage to these assets. Our Marine Coordination Service is focussed on the smooth running of offshore activities during the construction phase of an offshore project.

Core tasks

  • 24/7 monitoring of all vessels passing by your offshore assets;
  • Contact the vessel on collision course and advise to change course and keep a safe distance
  • Keep monitoring if vessel stays on a safe course
  • Escalate if the potential dangerous situation remains
  • Assist the OIM with an incident report in the case of an actual violation of the safety zones