DEXIS Netherlands is the supplier for the industrial sector of industrial goods, consumables and solutions in which the safety of your employees and the efficiency of your business processes are leading for us.

Industrial sectors in which DEXIS Netherlands is mainly active include; Metal, Food, Electrical, Machine, Maritime, Transport, On/Offshore, Renewable Energy and Chemical Industries.

DEXIS Netherlands is focused on service and to provide added value for its partners, we are happy to offer solutions through our own expertise and where necessary from a very extensive network of suppliers and experts within DEXIS Europe.

In order to be able to offer the right products and service, DEXIS Netherlands focuses on A-quality products and service for a strong TCO solution.

Partnership is the solution for success!

Our main product groups are:

  • Drive technology
  • Pneumatics – Hydraulics
  • Process technology
  • Installation technology
  • Fastening materials
  • Tools
  • Machines
  • PPE & Work clothing
  • Lifting and hoisting technology
  • Logistics
  • Consumables
  • Technical service
  • Specials

A selection of our A-brands: SKF, Gates, Donghau, 3M, Helly Hansen, Flexovit, Makita, Facom, Phantom, Opsial and 4MP

At DEXIS Netherlands, the customer is number 1. We are focused on building long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers, continuously staying ahead of developments in the market, and deploying our knowledge and expertise solicited and unsolicited to to advise and relieve customers as much as possible. For example, we offer various digital solutions that help our customers to make their business processes more efficient, and we have brought together various specialisms under one roof.

International network

DEXIS Netherlands is part of the internationally operating Descour & Cabaud Group, making it a sister company of DESTIL Prolians in the Netherlands (Experts in Construction) and HYDRALIANS (Water Management). Together with DEXIS in Europe, we offer our customers an extensive international network with easy access to specialists, products and solutions in the field of Services & Solutions, construction projects and water management.

Would you like to know more about what Dexis Netherlands could mean for your company? We would be happy to visit you to explain our products and services without any obligation and to see what we can be of service to you!

Please contact one of our account managers or branches.