Backup power at sea must be able to withstand the most extreme circumstances. Bredenoord understands this and is very experienced in delivering reliable energy solutions to every corner of the world. For over 80 years Bredenoord’s clients have been able to trust that the experienced staff is available 24/7 to ensure all of their clients’ projects are running smoothly, both on land and offshore. Bredenoord can deliver gensets providing any voltage between 110 volt and 20.000 volt or above and power anywhere between 15 kVA and 2000 kVA. Clients are offered the choice between fully custom made energy solutions or a genset from a large rental fleet of ready-to-ship gensets. Bredenoord possesses its own production facility and delivers worldwide from their eight establishments in The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

Bredenoord developed various specialized energy solutions specifically for offshore projects, in close cooperation with the industry. For example, Bredenoord developed an offshore frame that enables safe offshore hoisting. Naturally this frame has been DNV and LLOYDS certified, as well as equipped with the appropriate hoist slings. The gensets for offshore use have been equipped with a spark arrester and air shut valves that allow safe operation at sea. Bredenoord puts these systems, as well as the required expertise, to practice for various partners in wind energy (WIND Velsen Noord), hoisting (Kenz Figee Zaandam), inspections with ROV (Bluestream Den Helder) and various applications in oil and gas production (Paragon Hoofddorp).