With its roots in the Netherlands, Boskalis has over 100 years’ experience in hydraulic engineering, coastal protection and land reclamation. Traditionally, dredging has been Boskalis’ core activity, where activities include the construction and maintenance of ports and waterways, land reclamation, coastal defense and riverbank protection. Today Boskalis also offers a wide variety of maritime services and contracting to the offshore energy sector. These include the development, construction, transport, installation, inspection, repair & maintenance (IRM) and decommissioning of oil and LNG import/export facilities, offshore platforms, pipelines and cables and offshore wind farms.

Boskalis offers a unique combination over 10.000 experts, 900 specialized vessels and operates in over 90 countries across six continents. By understanding what drives our clients Boskalis is able to provide the solutions that enable them to meet their specific goals. With the versatile vessels and committed professionals in engineering, project management and operations Boskalis helps their clients in the offshore industry push boundaries and create new horizons.