Change is the only constant factor in the engineering industry. Needs are shifting and new laws and regulations impose strict requirements on spatial activities.

You can expect a business partner to always be sharp and innovative, both in terms of knowledge and expertise. Even with changes in a flexible market. BK ingenieurs is your ideal business partner, because we

  • are practically organized and strategically deployable;
  • work together closely to share and expand the knowledge of our expertise in the specialist teams.

Regional knowledge, national support
BK ingenieurs is regionally represented. 160 enthusiastic and driven employees work together for tomorrow from five locations across the country. BK ingenieurs works with contractors in infrastructure, real estate and soil logistics.

Flexibility is a requirement in demolition and civil engineering. The construction of new roads and roundabouts or the demolition of an apartment building require extensive expertise. BK ingenieurs supports these activities with extensive knowledge and experience.

BK ingenieurs analyses, advises and oversees projects in:

  • construction, decommissioning and demolition;
  • infrastructure;
  • land surveys;
  • soil and groundwater surveys and
  • soil remediation projects.