Labour Market

Finding the right staff is a precondition for growth. The reduced influx and outflow of technical students and competition from other sectors makes it a challenge to find well-qualified staff. We work closely with educational institutes and labour market organisations to remedy this situation.

We take initiatives, share knowledge and offer advice to the educational sector together with our members.

Job opportunities in the offshore

Our members are active in a unique industry. They deliver high-tech custom solutions and services to the offshore energy sector, while clients have the most challenging demands with regard to materials, solutions and employees. Far-reaching innovation and the energy transition also rely on the ongoing development of all people involved.


At the end of 2019 we partnered with Velsen municipality to map out the demand for employees in offshore wind. This project showed a requirement of 176 FTE technically schooled staff a year until 2030 for maintenance alone. That may not sound much but the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region has a major gap between the number of students that graduate each year and the market demand for qualified staff. In addition, the energy transition also demands around 3,000 extra FTE professionals a year. At this time, only 1,800 FTEs a year graduate from all technical colleges in our region. The impact of this enormous gap affects all companies in the area.


Our members include research institutes, educational institutions and intermediaries such as NovaCollege, SAB Detachering, Atlas Professionals and Oceanwide. The aim is to simplify the connections between education and the labour market. We are constantly on the lookout for relevant developments in the region and elsewhere, both within our own sector and beyond.

Smart cooperation ensures that AYOP members know one another and how to find and support each other. We are also part of various regional and national initiatives, including:

We work closely with Techport and Nova College, building on each other’s knowledge.

Techport has identified four main elements: choices, learning, working and technological innovation. It focuses on smart production and smart maintenance, which is exactly where we find synergies with our members. Companies are provided with practical tools via Masterclasses, the Techport Technology Week, tours, the field lab and other initiatives.

NovaCollege has teamed up with Techport and InHolland/Terra Technica to develop a Smart Maintenance Associate Degree that bridges the gap between intermediate and higher vocational education, and features Masterclasses for employees. They also provide MyTec, a type of training that focuses on intensive cooperation between companies in fields such as electrotechnology and all-round operational engineering.

Two ladies and two gentlemen in conversation about how to ensure quality employees for offshore wind in the future

Dorothy Winters in conversation with

  • Willemijn van Meursen - Vattenfall
  • Joost Pellis - Atlas Professionals
  • Edward Straus - Nova College

Read the interview here

“As specialists in renewables, maritime and energy, we see an enormous demand for technical personnel both now and in the future. Our AYOP membership allows us to proactively share this knowledge and seek viable solutions together.”
Joost Pellis
Strategic Manager Renewables & Marine
Atlas Professionals

“Together with AYOP and Techport we are working to ensure sufficient personnel are available for technical and maritime functions.”
Arjan Nieuwenhuizen
Nova Collega Maritiem