In addition to having a wealth of experience from the first three wind farms in the Netherlands (Egmond aan Zee, Prinses Amalia and Luchterduinen), the region was also involved in the construction of Westermeerwind and Windpark Fryslân on the IJsselmeer lake. AYOP members are playing an active role in the installation and maintenance of the existing wind farms off the coast. Moreover, the Amsterdam-IJmuiden region functions as the maintenance base for Hollandse Kust Zuid and Hollandse Kust Noord.

The region plays a major role too in the logistics for constructing wind farms on inland waters. Blades, towers, turbines – a wide range of parts have been transported via the Amsterdam port to the site of the largest Dutch inland water wind farm, Windpark Fryslân. We provide the facilities and knowledge to support the logistics, assembly and production of parts.

With the new Energy Port due to be opened in IJmuiden in 2025, we can also facilitate the installation of future offshore wind farms off the North Sea coast.

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