Right time, right place

We believe that sustainable progress starts cooperation and partnership.

Recognising that the demand for renewable energy is outgrowing the capacity of individual ports, the ports in the Amsterdam, Den Helder and IJmuiden areas have joined forces. Our strategic location enables us to enhance amongst others the development of offshore energy in the North Sea.

With access to many knowledge institutions and well-trained students at all levels, improvements are being made each and every day. We leverage on our many years of offshore experience to produce high-quality, professional solutions. We keep each other on our toes and involve the right partners in everything we do, ensuring speed, safety and efficiency.

As a global infrastructure node, the region is a hub of activity, which in turn attracts people and companies with the right (offshore) mentality. An even more important asset is our excellent location. We are only a short distance by water and air from current and future wind farms, and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol brings the whole world within reach. This is strengthened by Den Helder Airport the dedicated offshore aviation mainport and the third largest heliport of North West Europe.

These are just some of the reasons why so many renowned international companies – whether in IT, tech or manufacturing – choose our region as a base.


In relation to the North Sea Parks and European hinterland. Allowing quick on site access, saving time and costs.

  • Specialist network
    • Working together perfectly locally
  • Business space
    • For smart companies and innovations engaged in new energy
  • The right workforce
    • Due to an attractive environment for highly educated staff with a dynamic work attitude
  • Training & education
    • Availability of education and training facilities for a wide range of skills and capabilities both theoretical and practical

Who are the North Holland Seaports?


Port of Amsterdam

The offshore industry is important to the Port of Amsterdam. Thanks to its location, space, expertise and infrastructure, the port region is the ideal location for offshore activities. The Amsterdam region is home to a wide range of experienced parties and in the port region, there is sufficient space for offshore activities in the area of renewables, oil and gas and repair and decommissioning. Together with a favourable geographic location in relation to the North Sea and connections to the hinterland, this makes Amsterdam an important player in the offshore industry.

The largest offshore wind farms will be built in the coming decades off the coast of the Amsterdam region. Offshore Wind is therefore an enormous growth market for the region. The Port of Amsterdam offers wind energy companies plenty of opportunities and possibilities. From production to installation and operations & maintenance.

Port of Den Helder

Port of Den Helder is the pit stop port for logistics services and maintenance for offshore services on the Southern North Sea. For more than 40 years the Port has been an excellent operations and maintenance centre, thanks to high quality and fast service, extensive logistics infrastructure and the presence of a helicopter airport. The Port can be reached in any weather due to sheltered access to the North Sea Facilities and services available in the Port and surroundings enabling fast and efficient turnaround times. Excellent transport and logistical support can be offered by the numerous offshore services providers in the region. In addition the Port of Den Helder is home to the Royal Netherlands Navy.

The region around the Port has a wide range of high-quality (maritime) suppliers, knowledge institutes, data centre and educational institutions.

Den Helder is centrally located at the heart of the Offshore Wind Locations at the North Sea, not only for Dutch windfarms but also for UK, Danish and German Far Large Offshore Wind farms.

Port of IJmuiden

The Port of IJmuiden is an excellent operating base for the maintenance of wind farms off the Dutch coast with many advantages. It is located on open sea at the entrance to the North Sea Canal area, with round-the-clock access, a depth of up to 11 meters and no restrictions. They have dedicated area’s and buildings for operators and owners of offshore wind farms and develop state-of-the-art jetties and boat landings. The port also has excellent inland shipping and road connections, near Schiphol Airport, with a wide availability of industrial expertise, a free choice of suppliers and, last but not least, dedicated personnel and commitment from local authorities. 

On top of this a New Energy Port is being developed in the former Averijhaven. This is an essential move considering that an increasing number of wind farms will be built on the North Sea in the coming years. The Energy Port will serve as a key base of operations for the construction and maintenance of these wind farms.

Since 2006 Port of IJmuiden is experienced in facilitating offshore wind farms in the North Sea, with the track record: OWEZ Egmond – Princess Amalia Park – Luchterduinen – Hollandse Kust (zuid) and Hollandse Kust (noord).