The benefits of cooperation works were proven by research carried out for three North Holland ports, namely Amsterdam, Den Helder and IJmuiden. Based on existing activities in the ports and at local businesses, the Offshore Wind cluster has a potential of one to three billion euros in expenditures. Data from the research was assessed by TNO.

Multiple wind farms will be built in the North Sea over the coming years, a number of which will result in direct employment in the North Sea Canal region. For the period 2019-2023 this involves the Hollandse Kust Zuid I, II, III, IV and Hollandse Kust Noord I and II farms. Building these farms requires a minimum levels of staff and materials. Research by Knol & Coolen (2019) shows that the region will need at least 1375.5 working years for the installation phase and at least 176 FTE a year for the maintenance & operational phase.

The three ports are playing a key role in the energy transition. As well as providing harbours, quays and land, they also offer space for facilitating and accommodating the new Wind op Zee economic cluster. The new Energy Port will further stimulate this development.

Our strength lies in connecting people, regions and worlds, on a national and international level. Together we work towards:

  • Collective member promotion that puts the Dutch offshore energy sector and regions firmly on the map, nationally and internationally
  • Labour market communication to encourage people to choose a profession in offshore energy, attract people to the area and increase the flow of technical students to our sector
  • Innovations and cross-pollinations with existing production and process technology leading to cost reductions in the lifecycle of an asset, smart maintenance, zero downtime and optimal safety
  • Sharing knowledge and (market) information to learn from and help each other, and strengthen the competitive position of the Netherlands
  • Generating business between members


To achieve this, we work with partners such as:


The Amports foundation operates as a network and marketing organisation for the ports of Amsterdam. Its goal is to strengthen the network of 200 port and port-related companies and ensure that stakeholders in the North Sea Canal region feel connected to the port sector. Amports is focused on collective promotion among various target groups and stakeholders in and around the port area. This is achieved through informal and informative network events and structural communication about the ports of Amsterdam via its website, social media, magazine, e-mailings and free publicity. All activities are aimed at strengthening the way the ports are perceived and their affinity with the industry, enabling members to function at their best.

The collaboration between Amports and AYOP aims to reinforce the company network and ensure mutual cooperation. It also allows for the joint organisation of events and members being occasionally invited to each other’s events. The two organisations also cooperate in the field of marketing and communication by exchanging content.


BeterBusiness is a platform for companies in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region to share opportunities, knowledge and inspiration, with a focus on business that makes the world a better place. In June 2020, AYOP and BeterBusiness entered into a partnership, which we believe will be of added value to AYOP members and other partners, especially as the platform is located at the heart of our region. By linking parties in a cross-sectoral way, we hope to develop new ideas, partnerships and innovations. Together we can expand our knowledge and increase our chances of successful business.

The collaboration between BeterBusiness and AYOP aims to expand business in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region with a focus on sustainability in the broadest sense. We invite specific members and partners to take part in events based on topics and business connections, and organise joint theme-based events to bring members and partners together. Moreover, we share relevant news within our networks and link members based on relevant business.

House of Skills

House of Skills

is a public-private partnership in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region. It brings together representatives from the business community, industry bodies, employee and business associations, universities and research institutes, the education sector and local government. The goal is to develop a skill-based passport that enhances people’s mobility. House of Skills develops tools to support this ambition, including assessments, competition scans, career advice, skill training and matching.

The Regional Skills Agreement saw AYOP, Techport and NovaCollege make an innovation deal for the lateral entry admission into wind which resulted in a Smart Maintenance Associate Degree. AYOP provides input to the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region in offshore sector reguirements in the energy transition.


The IRO trade association is an independent non-profit organisation that supports and promotes the interests of 400 member companies. Its efforts are focused on further improvement of the internationally leading position members have as suppliers in upstream oil, gas, offshore renewables (wind, marine and floating solar energy) and the marine energy industry. IRO facilitates network opportunities, realises global export promotion via trade missions and exhibitions, acts as representatives to and works closely with government bodies, acts as representatives toward potential clients, and shares business intelligence and new technologies.

The partnership between IRO and AYOP is anchored in membership in each other’s organisation to enable members to take part in activities on a regular basis. We also share knowledge and information.

North Sea Energy Gateway

The North Sea Energy Gateway (NSEG) partnership is an initiative of the Port of Den Helder, Den Helder Airport, port and shipping association HSV and Tech@Connect, led by the North Holland North development corporation. With its seaport and heliport, the Den Helder region serves as an offshore hub with over 200 companies active in oil & gas, offshore wind, solar & tidal energy and decommissioning. It also accommodates research institutes and colleges for higher vocational education.

This makes NSEG a sister organisation for AYOP in the same province. Both address similar issues, such as personnel, the development of wind, and the relationship with the Province of North Holland in the field of offshore. The partnership between NSEG and AYOP is based on a concept of mutual strength and jointly showing what we have to offer. Ways to achieve this include exchanges between members and the dual organisation of events and trade shows. We also initiated the North Sea Energy Alliance together.


The Netherlands Wind Energy Association (NWEA) promotes the development of wind energy to achieve a sustainable Dutch energy supply. Together with, and on behalf of its members, NWEA works to create a robust wind energy sector in combination with new and relevant policies.

The collaboration between NWEA and AYOP is focused on exchanging knowledge & market information and lobbying activities. For instance, we actively take part in the Offshore Wind commission as it works to expand the number of wind farms on the Dutch North Sea, making wind energy and consultation (lot decisions, legislation and regulations) more cost efficient, facilitating policy development with government bodies and politicians, organising the smooth passage and co-use of wind farms, and participating in the North Sea debate on the joint transition and spatial distribution. NWEA and AYOP also organise joint events.


ORAM is the largest company network in the Amsterdam region and has been stimulating an excellent business climate in the metropolitan area for over 100 years. With 600 larger and smaller members, ORAM is a versatile network that has the position and the connections to stimulate business via a strong lobby. Its goal is to make Amsterdam a powerful and inclusive metropolis with a varied economy. In addition, ORAM organises a variety of events, including business lunches, networking socials and knowledge sessions.

The partnership between ORAM and AYOP is mainly focused on joint themes and lobbying for the business sector related to port developments, with a focus on the circular economy and the energy transition in the metropolitan region.


Techport is a network organisation comprising businesses, schools, municipalities, the province and regional partners. Focused on strengthening the future of the unique and sustainable production and maintenance industry, its main focal points are energy, offshore, high-tech systems and materials. Techport facilitates technological learning and innovation to enhance smart production and smart maintenance.

We selected Techport as a partner because the maintenance of turbines and electrical infrastructure at sea is closely related to – or an extension of – smart maintenance. The partnership is also focused on the joint promotion of working in the technological and offshore wind sectors, and realising projects that support solutions to innovative challenges in offshore wind. This way we strengthen each other in the joint positioning of the region as a national hub for the manufacturing and maintenance industry.

NovaCollege is an important part of Techport, providing a number of relevant training courses for our members and technical companies in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region. The courses are given in a traditional way and as a MyTec solution. MyTec enables companies to be closely involved in the curriculum and assures students of an internship position. Together with the InHolland University for Applied Sciences, NovaCollege has developed a Smart Maintenance Associate Degree which bridges the gap between intermediary and higher vocational education and is an interesting option for employees looking to develop themselves further.

The Top consortium for Knowledge and Innovation Offshore Wind

The Top consortium for Knowledge and Innovation Offshore Wind (TKI Wind op Zee) programme is focused on the joint challenges in knowledge and innovation, cost efficiency and the optimal roll-out of offshore wind. It also acts as the executive party in the mission-driven innovation programmes (MMIPs) and subsidies for innovation projects in this framework. The projects are aimed at enabling the required transition to an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy supply. The programme increases the contribution of the Dutch wind sector to the implementation of offshore wind in the Netherlands and abroad, and strengthens the competitive position of these companies in the international export market.

As a member, AYOP can follow all developments and innovations in technology and processes as closely as possible. We pass on relevant developments to our members and make good matches between innovation demands and projects where possible.


WindEurope is the trade association for wind energy on land and offshore. Its 400-plus members include European wind turbine manufacturers, component suppliers, research institutes, national associations for wind and renewable energy, developers, contractors, electricity providers, financial institutions, insurance companies and consultants. WindEurope is the voice of the wind sector in Europe. It focuses on lobbying, legislation and strategic sectoral matters, and has a keen eye for technical, financial and environmental aspects. WindEurope achieves its goals by influencing international policy and via communication, research and analyses.

The partnership between WindEurope and AYOP comprises participation in the offshore working group and the Ports Platform where knowledge and information are shared. In addition, AYOP takes part in events organised by WindEurope such as WindEnergy Hamburg.