28/01/22 16:00 Until 28/01/22 17:00


A dry start to the New Year!

As Dry Jan draws to a close we’re organising a social event on Friday 28 January, a casual and fun way to get together and a chance to meet some of our new members. They will be introducing themselves as soon as we’ve toasted to the New Year.

AYOP will be providing the snacks and drinks, so keep an eye on your delivery services. We’ve already provided a hint to the contents of our package above, which is inspired by the annual Dry January challenge that has quickly gained popularity in the Netherlands. But that doesn’t mean the delivery will be dull – we’ve found some excellent alternatives to booze for you to sample!

When and how
Friday 28 January
16.00 – 17.00 o’clock

AYOP members can access our digital café via the link they’ve been sent. Registration isn’t needed: there’ll be plenty of space for everyone.

Did you know….

…legend has it that while fighting the Russians during WW2 the Finns started the year with Raitis tammikuu (‘sober January’) to keep their heads clear. In 2010, American reporter Nicole Brodeur wrote an article about her need for a ‘dry January’. The first actual Dry January took place in 2014 as the trade name of British charity Alcohol Change UK. And, like many customs and products that are popular in the countries to our west, Dry January has now reached the Netherlands, and AYOP