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AYOP network expanded by new member Intures Industry BV

Full-service engineering firm Intures, situated in Velsen-Noord, has joined Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports. The company’s team of around 40 professionals supports clients in the fields of management and maintenance, engineering and asset integrity, with a particular emphasis on real estate and industry. “We joined AYOP in order to come into contact with offshore businesses involved in the energy transition in our region,” says Jarno Water, operational director. “We also want to share our knowledge on industrial maintenance and inspections.”

Intures works for industry, the oil sector, municipalities and utility companies, providing them with drawings, specifications, calculations, construction management, inspections and maintenance advice. The preservation of safety and functionality is leading in all activities. Intures explores whether assets can handle a lifespan extension via modern sensor technologies, inspection software and 3D laser scanning.

New vision on maintenance

Intures is specialised in the field of ageing assets and technical lifespan extensions. The maintenance strategy for many industrial clients has changed; originally managed in the expectation that assets would be replaced after the lifespan included in the design had been reached, the choice is increasingly to extend the lifespan while preserving functionalities.

Jarno Water: “The challenge of this strategy shift is that it is often unclear whether assets can handle the lifespan extension: the required knowledge has never been needed before as the end of lifespan was always factored in. We provide clients with insights into the options and the minimal requirements for the lifespan extension of their assets via dedicated surveys. And, of course, the related costs.” The conditions required to safeguard the functionality of the assets with acceptable failure probability and risks are determined within predetermined frameworks.

3D visualisation

Intures applies a range of technologies that use 3D visualisation via laser scanning as a starting point. Combined with dedicated surveys for all levels of the organisation, this results in a clear and understandable overview of the maintenance status. This is then used as a basis to compose maintenance plans, budgets and specs, with Intures supporting clients right through to the realisation and delivery stage.

Sylvia Boer, AYOP director: “The fact that Intures focuses on lifespan extension is a genuine asset that is fully in line with the sustainability ambitions and tasks of our sector. The company’s approach can also help many parties increase the sustainability of their business and save on costs too.”