Sweco plans and designs the cities and communities of the future. Whatever challenges our customers are facing they can count on us to solve them.

Port and marina engineering
Safe and efficient ports are a key component of a modern and sustainable society. Sweco plans and designs both ports and sea lanes, yet also participates in creating visions and plans when former port areas are to be repurposed and opened to the general public.
For coastal cities, ports constitute an integrated and natural element of society. Proximity to water creates vibrant urban environments and recreational opportunities. Yet as cities grow, the function of ports must be expanded. By adopting a long-term approach from the very beginning, Sweco creates safe and flexible facilities that satisfy both present and future standards.
Sweco’s service offering also encompasses landscape architecture and environmental impact assessments, since ports often have a substantial impact on the surrounding marina environment. Thanks to Sweco’s wide range of expertise, we have immediate access to the specialist skills required for the various phases of design work. 

Wind power 
There is a worldwide transition to a sustainable energy system underway, and the development of wind power plays an important role in this development. Sweco is deeply involved in this energy transition – particularly by helping develop the full potential of wind power.
Sweco’s extensive expertise in the field, combined with a local presence in numerous markets, allows us to offer turnkey solutions and provide support throughout the entire development process, from the selection of investment objects to new development and production optimisation.
We are involved at every stage of this process, and conduct wind resource analyses, feasibility studies, design, procurement, site supervision, inspection and optimisation. We also produce investment alternatives based on an extensive database of information from wind farms and possible new establishments, and we evaluate the potential and risks of wind power prospects. Our clients are established energy companies who wish to develop their wind power portfolio, new companies who wish to develop sustainable energy production, and investors and financiers.  
Sweco’s energy experts work across the entire energy supply chain. We focus on how energy is produced, distributed where it is needed, and consumed as efficiently as possible. The result is a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable energy supply.

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