Haprotech features a fully equipped welding institute with 18 welding cabins, 3D Virtual Welding, a welding robot and a wide range of training and certifications. As a NIL accredited welding institute we provide all kinds of education at all levels, both during the day or in the evening. We provide customized training such as robot welding, cutting, gouging and how to read technical drawings.  

Our consultants will be happy to guide you through the field of certifications, according to all applicable standards in all formats. We create welding plans; we make ITP’s and carry out welding coordination.  Haprotech is your answer to any question in the field of welding technology.

In collaboration with our Technical Employment Agency we can provide you the right qualified and / or certified (temporary) staff. Together with our client we prepare (temporary) employees into the desired level, with the right qualifications. Besides being a specialist in welding technology we can also assist with (temporary) staff  in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical and hydraulics / pneumatics.

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